Road to 90 - Levels 46 to 60

Source from the awesome wowinsider props to them:

Levels 46 to 60
Your first ability for this set of levels is quite handy for dungeons: Spinning Crane Kick. Now you have the beginnings of an AoE rotation! Just remember that it will only generate chi if you have three or more targets, so stick to a single-target rotation if there are two.

Immediately following Spinning Crane Kick, you'll get
Spinning Fire Blossom at 48. (Monks love to spin, apparently.) This quirky little ability is pretty unique. First, its a windwalker-exclusive ranged ability and costs 1 chi, so you're not going to use it very often, just when fight circumstances cause you to have to leave melee range for a bit. Second, its default behavior is a dumbfire; use it, and it flies straight forward, hitting the first thing in range (and the range is pretty considerable). I found using it this way to be pretty difficult, so I'd recommend glyphing it two levels later to allow it to home in on a target. Around this time, you'll also get a free 5% agility from Leather Specialization, which is handy.

Another ranged option is
Crackling Jade Lightning, our level 54 ability. While this ability is designed mostly for mistweavers to give them a ranged damage option, we can still use it when we don't have the chi for Spinning Fire Blossom or just want to pull something quickly, since Spinning Fire Blossom has a travel time.

Level 56 is a very important level for windwalkers, because you'll receive
Rising Sun Kick, the most potent move in your arsenal. Not only is this kick the strongest ability we have in terms of damage per chi, it applies a debuff to the enemy that increases your damage to that target by 10%. Unless you're fighting something that can be killed in a single Fists of Fury, you'll want to use Rising Sun Kick first and every time it's off cooldown.

While level 60 is an important milestone to any character (flying mounts, woo!), there are some good windwalker-specific bonuses here as well. You'll get
Tigereye Brew, which is built up to use as a quick damage boost, as well as a one of three crowd control talents. Since you're already going to be in the thick of things, I highly recommend Leg Sweep, a Fists of Fury/Leg Sweep/Spinning Crane Kick combo will give you a large amount of AoE damage during which opponenets are defenseless.
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