Motes of Harmony farming spot

Good morning everyone, after i finished leveling Leatherworking, and wanted motes of harmony, big time, and started to look for the best places to farm them, besides the farm and having reputation with tillers.

Specifications for the farming spot:
  • Have to be soloable.
  • Need to go down fast, even in healer spec.
  • Must have a good drop chance.
  • And last need to have a fast respawn or enough packs for it to respawn when i do a run from start to finish.
After some google searching and wowhead exploring here it is, yesterday i was testing this place for 40min to 1hour, and got 4 Spirits of harmony, which means 40motes of harmony in 40 min to 1hour, which let's face it, it is alot.

There are some tricks to this farming place, the packs that i pull have an elite mob in them, that add needs to be nuked fast, that is because of the damage he does but also because we picked up a buff from the klaxxi
Children of the GraveKlaxxi Enhancement
Granted by Rik'kal the Dissector

You have a 50% chance to inject all freshly killed corpses with a mutagenic egg sac that explodes after 8 secs, damaging any nearby non-player enemies and summoning parasites to aid you.

Only one Klaxxi Enhancement can be active at a time. Only effective in Dread Wastes.


This will make the killing of the rest of the pack a breeze and speeding up your farming.

Here is the place:

Farming Motes of harmony dread wastes

Happy farming!!!
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