Patch 5.2 Bis Gear


All items will be BiS listed for Heroic content, If you are not Raiding under Heroic content using the normal or raid finder version should be available for most but not all items.

* - Heroic Thunderforged
! - BiS Offset piece excluding Thunderforged

Fire-Charm Headpiece

Quadra-Head Brooch

Fire-Charm Spaulders

* Grey Wind Mistcloak
Pinionfeather Greatcloak

* Chestguard of Coruscating Blades
Fire-Charm Tunic

Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes

! Gloves of Cushioned Air
Fire-Charm Grips

* Strap of Murderous Strikes
Abandoned Zandalari Silentbelt

* Cosmicfire Legwraps
Fire-Charm Leggings

* Twist-Toe Tabi 
Spurs of the Storm Cavalry

* Ra-den's Swift Seal
Gore-Soaked Gear
Sign of the Bloodied God

Bad Juju
Renataki's Soul Charm

Wu-Lai, Bladed Fan of the Consorts


  • Max Mastery, Max Haste & Min Crit - 9975 | 6443 | 4357
  • Max Mastery, Balanced Haste & Crit - 9674 | 4916 | 5985

Items on the image correspond with the list of BiS items reforged for maximizing stats and minimizing overage on Exp/Hit. The names of the items match my current gear but the items stats have been changed to reflect 5.2 items as has the reforging. I have not selected a true offset piece from any of our 5 set pieces because Thundeforged gear is very hard to fight around and over and with this setup I was able to get the closest to the Hit and Expertise cap without a ton of wasted stats. Obviously Thunderforged pieces would be the best offset pieces because they are 541 instead of 535.

Stat Priority: 
Hit>Exp>Agi>Mastery>Haste to approximately 4-5K >Crit

* As always gems can change based on Stat weights, Mastery could come out ahead of Agility so please make sure you know your own stat weights!

Red: Delicate Primordial Ruby / Adept Vermilion Onyx
Yellow: Fractured Sun's Radiance
Blue: Glinting Imperial Amethyst
Prismatic: Delicate Primordial Ruby

information taken from:
This was made by Reqfu -
All credit goes to him, this is an awesome gathering of information.
About Reqfu.
I have played WoW since Friends & Family Alpha and started as a Warrior which I played until the end of Vanilla clearing all content. I have played Ret exclusively since the launch of TBC until current killing everything, I just re-rolled a Windwalker as the guild has 3 of the best Rets in game and I decided a time for change was now. I have a long history of high ranking in fights that are Non gimmic / pad encounters. I hope to bring my experience and knowledge over to the Windwalker spec and perform as well as I did for Ret.
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