Let's get this started. Heroic modes Tips and tricks For THE FALLEN PROTECTORS HC.

Specific talents for this fight:






Fight breakdown:

The only difference from normal to heroic is that, the abilities hit alot harder, and the barrels can almost 1-shot you, also on the Rook's adds, you only need to kill one of them in order to clear his phase.

So this is how the fight goes:

At the start of the fight don't worry about the bursting sequence, because you don't have the chi-brew talent, and this fight being a cleave fight your dmg will make up for it in the long run.

Start of the fight, SEF on Sun and He, and start nuking away on Rook, until he is at 66% where his phase starts.
Your raid priority should be the add called Embodied Gloom, and interrupting everything that he casts (Corruption Shock Icon Corruption Shockis a priority. After his is killed the Rook phase ends and you should go back into dpsing the bosses.
(NOTE: while killing the add leave the clones on the bosses)

On heroic mode, my guild takes He on second place, nothing much to add here, just Switch your clones to Sun and Rook, and dps He (AVOID the pools of Noxious Poison Icon Noxious Poison) , when he reaches 66% his phase will start (Mark of Anguish Icon Mark of Anguishjust nuke the add leaving the clones on the bosses.

After He's phase, it's time to go on Sun, put just a clone on He (if your good on placing your clones, put one on Rook Aswell) this is because when Sun reaches 66% she will cast Dark Meditation Icon Dark Meditation on the raid, and adds will spawn, our raid tanks he inside the bubble, and being able to have a clone full time of the phase duration up is golden, the 3rd clone that is on rook, you either leave him there or target another add for extra AoE dmg. (also make use of CHI-BURST on clumped up add phases)

This is basically it, just do it again at 33% hp mark for the bosses, and you should be top dps, unless you have one of those dreaded affliction locks.

Stay punching and kicking.

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